Wiking Weihnachten 1:87

Even Santa Claus dreamed of this – samba buses instead of sleighs! The two-tone, typical design of the samba bus is given a favorite color scheme and creates an Advent atmosphere. While the lower part of the body has a red design, the upper part is in bright white, just like Christmas.

In addition, WIKING has given the legendary VW T1 the silver ornaments that were standard at the time and decorated Santa’s excursion van with a Christmas tree design on the nose and on the flanks. He also gets the bumpers that were curved for export to the USA at the time. Right from the start, the Sambabus kept what it promised: Its name stood for wanderlust and individuality. Volkswagen not only upgraded the Samba bus with the panoramic windows, but also gave it plenty of ornaments.