Load Porsche tractors with the Demag mobile crane onto train cars 

Two Porsche tractors Body and fender carmine red. Steering wheel black, wheel rims ivory. Silver ornamental lines and Porsche Diesel lettering on the sides. Engine bonnet with silver ornamental strip running along the centre. Wheel hub carmine red. Headlamps hand-painted in silver. Rear wheel rims with carmine red wheel hub and screw heads.VW T1 box van Upper and lower body section dove blue, chassis and steering wheel black, front and rear bumper white, interior with front bench seat pebble grey, wheel rims with white hubcap. Transparent headlamps inserted with a printed silver backing. Upper part with a white VW logo on the front, roof surface imprinted white. Van nose and the perimeter central belt cobalt

blue, white side imprint with lettering “Porsche-Diesel Kundendienst. Rear tail lights imprinted carmine red and rear hatch handle and reversing lights painted silver. Cobalt-blue door imprint with original lettering “Porsche-Diesel – Motorenbau GmbH Friedrichshafen a. B. Tel. 2057”.Demag mobile crane Body, base plate and axle holder dove blue. Wheel rims white. Boom, crane arm as well as rotating base and piston holder with cylinder dove blue. Rear and front surfaces with white-red warning stripes. Identical diagonal warning stripes on the rotating base. Demag lettering also on the rotating base. Side surfaces between wheel wells cobalt blue. Crane arm with white lettering “Porsche Diesel”. Roof surface imprinted white. Headlamps hand-painted in silver.Barriersdove blue, imprint on both sides with white lettering “Porsche-Diesel”.”

From the Wiking set, the T1 Porsche diesel