Vw Volkswagen T3 Feuerwehr

Body red, chassis with radiator grille and air intake in black. Interior in black. Signal system base in red, warning light blue transparent attached. Rims in silver. Lettering on both sides “Feuerwehr 112”. Radiator grille with VW logo in silver. Front and rear lettering “Fire Brigade” in white. Headlights in silver hand-coloured. Turn signal orange.
Wiking 1:87
Vw Volkswagen T3 feuerwehr


In high three-digit numbers, the VW T3 was one of the indispensable vehicles in the fleets of Europe’s fire departments. Whether as a specially equipped equipment trolley (GW) or multi-purpose vehicle (MZF) for background service – the third generation of the Wolfsburg van was also able to score points with its rear-mounted engine. And so it is hardly surprising that at least 30-year-old specimens are still in the service of the fire brigade today. Those that are taken out of service from now on enjoy a high price and usually go into collectors’ hands. Presented in the original in 1979 and rolled off the production line in Hanover from then on, WIKING consequently continued the Bulli chronology in 1983 and dedicated both the minibus and the van variant to the T3. Year of manufacture Original Manufacturer 1981-92 Model character Indispensable firefighter all-rounder In the program at the end of the month 2023-06.