KK scale is a German brand. In 2014, Martina and Martin Kosmann founded the company KK-Scale UG. The goal was to have models produced in 1:18 scale at relatively affordable prices. There should be 6-8 new classic cars and youngtimers every year. With the exception of the first model, the Audi 100 S Coupé, all models were produced in Die Cast (metal). The models do not have parts that can be opened, but steerable axles with suspension. In addition, the convertibles also have partially removable hardtops and soft tops. To date, we have been able to offer about 60 different shapes and a total of almost 200 different models with KK-Scale. In 2021, our portfolio will be expanded by about 30 more new shapes and even more variants.

A view of the Volkswagen VW busses :