The toy manufacturing was started in 1946 by the predecessor of KOVAP, the company „Bratři Sedlákové – výroba mechanických hraček“ ( The Sedlák Brothers – Mechanical Toy Manufactu- ring).

The Sedlák brothers manufactured toys of their own design, which enjoyed great popularity with the customers thanks to their resistance and similarity to real machines. This tradition was upheld by the company KOVAP.

All models in scale 1:43.

0631 Kovap – Volkswagen T2 Feuerwehr
0632 Kovap – Volkswagen T2 Polizei (German)
0633 Kovap – Volkswagen T2 Bundespost (German Post)
0660 Kovap – Volkswagen bus
0610 kovap – Volkswagen T2 microbus
0611 Kovap – Volkswagen T2 pickup
0613 Volkswagen T2 ambulance
0652 Volkswagen set