News from Rietze scale 1:87

News from Rietze (Germany) for August 2020.

Kommunal – VW T5 GP Kastenwagen

New From Wiking, Communal VW T5 GP Kastenwagen. 

Scale: 1:87 

No. 030907

VW T5 Bus “Bundeswehr”,

New from School scale 1:87, the VW T5 Bus “Bundeswehr”, 1:87 Article number: 452642600

#Volkswagen T5 camper

New from oxford diecast, scale 1:76, the Diecast VW T5 California Camper Metallic Night Blue

Product Code: 76T5C001

VW T5 GP Kastenwagen “Claas”

From Wiking scale 1:87, the VW T5 GP Kastenwagen “Claas

VW T5 GP Kastenwagen “Claas”
Artikel-Nr. 030905

New from Rietze 1:87

New 1:87 models from Rietze.

Volkswagen T5 christmas

siku T5 merry christmas

From Siku, scale 1:55, a Christmas special, the Volkswagen transporter T5.