Welly diecast 43687 the VW T2

Affordable 1:36 model from Welly Diecast, the VW T3 , article no. 43687 available in a few variations

43687 welly diciest vw T3 

Schuco T3

VW T3 FEUERWEHR 1:64, from Schuco Article number: 452027900

VW T3a bus red/white 1:18

From Schuco 1:18,

VW T3a bus red/white 1:18

  • Article number: 450038100


New from Schuco scale 1:87

No. 452651000, Vw T3 audi sport

Herpa T3 metallic blue

VW T3 BBS blauw metallic Art. nr.- H430876

from Herpa, the VW T3 BBS blauw metallic Art. nr.- H430876, scale 1:87

Volkswagen T3 Doka ASG

From Wiking, scale 1:87 T3 doka ASG 029308

#Volkswagen T3 B32

Under the guise of a Volkswagen Transporter is hidden an official Porsche model. It was first and foremost thanks to the Dakar that this steroid-fuelled Combi was born. Porsche wanted to win the race but needed assistance vehicles.

They set their sights on the T3 Synchro present in the Volkswagen range. It was fitted with a new box, new brakes, a Flat-6 Porsche engine with 230 horsepower and was named the B32.

Two copies were produced for the competition. Porsche decided to go one step further by producing a very limited civilian version (no more than 9 units) between 1984 and 1985. The rumor has it that they were more expensive than a 911.







Made by Ottomobile in scale 1:18 and available in july 2019.(No. OST327) Limited to 1,500 pcs.



VW T3 Bus Interflug

New expected from Herpa in scale 1:87, oktober 2019.

Karmann Gipsy VW Transporter T3 (1988)

Scale 1:43, distributed by Hachette,made by, I presume Ixo. From the camper collection, no. 58 – Karmann Gipsy based on the  VW Transporter T3 (1988) 

#VW Multivan 1990

New expected in the 3rd quarter 2019, from Norev in scale 1:18, the Volkswagen Multivan 1990 in brons metallic.

Norev 188543 • Volkswagen Multivan brons metallic

#Volkswagen T3

From Norev (Fr) , diecast model from the Volkswagen T3 in scale 1:18. All limited editions. Ask you dealer now before it is sold out.

Volkswagen T3 Bus “Bluestar” 1990 Blauw 1-18 Norev Limited 1200 Pieces
Volkswagen T3 Bus “Whitestar” 1990 Wit 1-18 Norev Limited 1000 Pieces
Volkswagen T3 Bus Red Star 1992 Rood 1-18 Norev Limited 800 Pieces

#Herpa MiniKit: #VW T3 Bus, ultramarinblau

New from Herpa, scale 1:87

013093-002  Herpa MiniKit: VW T3 Bus, ultramarinblau

#Roco set Polis

Another older release, the Roco 2520 set with 2 models. The T3 and T4 in the version ‘Swedish Polis’. Scale 1:87

Roco 2520 set met T3 en T4
Roco 2520 set met T3 en T4 Swedish Polis

#Roco #VW T3 synchro

Earlier release from Roco in scale 1:87 of the Volkswagen T3 Synchro used at a fire department. No. 1370

Roco 1370 VW T3 SYnchro
Roco 1370 VW T3 Synchro

#VW T3 traveller jet

Al eerder aangekondigd, nu een grotere afbeelding.

Nieuw verwacht van Autocult in schaal 1:43, de Vw T3 in traveller jet edition.  Oplage slechts 333 stuks.

New expected from Autocult, the VW T3 Traveller jet in scale 1:43. Limited edition of 333 pcs.


#Wiking T3 THW

Het moge duidelijk zijn waarom de VW T3 bij de hulporganisatie THW zo populair was. Met de dubbelcabine kan de VW Bulli zowel mankracht als spullen meenemen. De VW T3, die sinds 1979 in talrijke uitvoeringen bij de  Technischen Hilfswerk in Dienst zijn geweest en soms nog zijn. Het was de derde generatie VW-Transporters, die de straten sinds 1980 in Deutschland en Europa domineerde. De T3 werd van 1979 tot 1992 geproduceerd en was de laatste Transporter met de motor achterin.

wiking VW T3 THW doppelkabine 029307
wiking VW T3 THW doppelkabine 029307

It is clear why the VW T3 was so popular with the THW organization.  With the double cab, the VW Bulli can carry both manpower and gear. The VW T3, which since 1979 have been in service in numerous versions at Technischen Hilfswerk and sometimes still are. It was the third generation of VW Transporters, which dominated the streets since 1980 in Deutschland and Europe. The T3 was produced from 1979 to 1992 and was the last Transporter with the engine in the back.

#Porsche B32 or Vw T3

Nieuw verwacht van KK scale in schaal 1 op 18. De Volkswagen T3 in Porsche uitvoering : B32.
Deze bus is ontwikkelt als team auto voor de Paris dakar races waar Porsche met de 959 aan meedeed. De B32 is nooit in serieproductie gegaan omdat deze met een Porsche Carrera blok gewoonweg te duur werd.

180222 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 light blue metallic
180222 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 light blue metallic

180221 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 grey metallic
180221 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 grey metallic

New expected from KK scale in scale 1 : 18. The Volkswagen T3 in Porsche edition : B32.
This Van was developed as part of the Paris dakar raceteam where Porsche participated with the 959. The B32 is never made as a production car because, with its Porsche Carrera engine, the B32 was too expensive.

Volkswagen T3 Gipsy camper

Autocult T3 camper gipsy 09008

In 1977 the German company Karmann starter with the production of the VW T2 Gipsy camper, two years later followed by the T3. Until 1992 they produced 778 Gypsy campers.

Autocult is making this model in scale 1:43, release in october 2018 in a limited edition of 333 pcs.

Lees “Volkswagen T3 Gipsy camper” verder

#VW T3 Deutsche Bundesbahn

093873 093873 VW T3 Kombi Deutsche Bundesbahn
093873 VW T3 Kombi Deutsche Bundesbahn

Herpa, scale 1:87.

Herpa news

New from Herpa in the eXtra shop :

28991 | 4013150928991 VW T6 Federal Police Forces semi-bus Roof Designation “27901”

927437 | 4013150927437 VW T6 Federal Police Forces semi-bus Roof Designation “30183”

929004 | 4013150929004 VW T6 Federal Police Forces Bus Roof Designation “30210”

927420 | 4013150927420 VW T6 Federal Police Forces Bus Roof Designation “30212”

927468 | 4013150927468 VW T6 “Special Task Force SEK”, special unit of the German Police.


927444 | 4013150927444 VW T6 SEK “Eskorte” with front flashers “red”

927451 | 4013150927451 VW T6 SEK “Eskorte” with front flashers “green”

927918 | 4013150927918 VW T3 DRK Dortmund

All models in scale 1:87

#VW T3 #westfalia #camper

Van Schuco, de VW T3a Westfalia Joker mit Faltdach, blauw in schaal 1 op 18,  metal (Nr. 450038700)

#Volkswagen #T3 Bundeswehr

Van Schuco, de VW T3 Bus, flecktarn Bundeswehr in schaal 1 op 87 metal (452636600)