Sleep well in the #VW T1 bed for sale

We’ve published this message in 2019 and now, 3 years later this unique bed is for sale.

Your children will sleep very well in the Volkswagen T1 bed. This one is made by Dutch carpenter Sander Beerens.

It’s a big scale model. Kids will love it!

VW T1 with trailer ‘Feuerwehr”

VW T1 with trailer Feuerwehr (German Fire)
From Schuco, scale  1:87
EAN 4007864053490

VW Werbewagen

VW T1 Werbewagen Märklin
From Schuco, scale 1:43

VW Double cab

New from M@ Machines, 1960 VW Double Cab Truck USA Model, 1:64

1960 VW Double Cab Truck USA Model


T1 + caravan

From Schuco, scale 1:64, the VW T1 with caravan in yellow

49764 Welly Diecast

No. 49764 from Welly diecast is the Volkswagen T1 in many variations.

49764 welly diecast

43603 Welly diecast

From Welly diecast, no. 43603 in many variations available for friendly prices.
43603 vw t1 welly diecastThe Volkswagen T1 pickup, or Doka called. Doka stands in German for “doppelt kabine” or as in English Double cabin. 

Welly Diecast 22095

From Welly, the Volkswagen VW T1 no. 22095 in a few variations. Scale 1:24

welly 22095

Motormax Volkswagen T1

From Motormax, scale 1:24 no.79676, with trailer


Brekina 32734 VW T1b Freia, scale 1:87

Brekina Kjeldsberg

Brekina 1:87, Volkswagen T1 Kjeldsberg Coffe Norway


Brekina SAS

Brekina 1:87, Volkswagen T1 SAS (Scandinavia airways)

Brekina 31611

Brekina VW T1b Blabar

Brekina 31610 VW T1b Blabar SE , scale 1:87

Brekina T1 Edeka

Brekina, 31609 VW T1b Kombi Edeka, scale 1:87

VW T1 Brumos racing

Expected from Greenlight, round the summer of 2021, the Volkswagen T1 ‘Brumos racing’.

Scale 1:64

Back to start without money


From Johnny Lightning, scale 1:64. The VW T1 Monopoly. 

Volkswagen T1 Gulf

From Motormax, available in a shop display with 4 models. The 74649 in Gulf edition. 


VW Gulf

FromMotormax-79610-vw-gulf-with-trailer  Motormax, scale 1:24, no. 79610


VW T1 Kjeldsberg

From Brekina scale 1:87, Kjeldsberg Kaffee VW T1b Kasten, no. 32733

rekina Kjeldsberg Kaffee Volkswagen T1b Kasten 32733

Year of the Ox

From Greenlight, 1:64, The volkswagen T1 year of the OX

30223 Greenlight

VW Camper Happy Birthday

From Corgi, 1:43,VW Camper Happy Birthday, CC02734

Majorette VW special

Majorette 1 : 64

Deluxe Volkswagen T1 – Model of the Year 2021

Available in july 2021

VW T1 with trailer

From Schuco, 1:43, T1 with trailer and skiset

Volkswagen Type 2 1500 SP Devon Caravette.

Volkswagen Type 2 1500 SP Devon Caravette. Pearl White and Velvet Green, From Corgi (Vanguards series) VA14500

Volkswagen T1 Doornkaat

1:87 wiking

1:87 VW T1 (Typ 2) Kastenwagen "Doornkaat" Artikel-Nr. 078815
VW T1 (Typ 2) Kastenwagen “Doornkaat”

Artikel-Nr. 078815





Jada VW Sesam street

Jada 31751, VW t1 Sesam street, scale 1:24

VW Type 2 1500 Camper ‘Rat-Look’

VW Type 2 1500 Camper ‘Rat-Look’, Mango Green & Seagull Grey, Corgi 1:43, vanguard series o. VA14501n

Volkswagen Campervan – Peace Love and Music

Corgi , scale 1:43,CC02730, Volkswagen Campervan – Peace Love and Music

VW T1 Lowrider

Scale 1:64 becomes more and more popular. This the Schuco 452026800, Volkswagen T1 lowrider Porsche renndienst

VW Camper Happy Anniversary

VW Camper Happy Anniversary, Corgi 1:43, CC02735