New from Schuco scale 1:87

No. 452651000, Vw T3 audi sport

Herpa T3 metallic blue

VW T3 BBS blauw metallic Art. nr.- H430876

from Herpa, the VW T3 BBS blauw metallic Art. nr.- H430876, scale 1:87

Volkswagen T3 Doka ASG

From Wiking, scale 1:87 T3 doka ASG 029308

VW T1 with trailer Porsche

From Schuco, the Piccolo series 
scala 1:90

News from Rietze scale 1:87

News from Rietze (Germany) for August 2020.

Kommunal – VW T5 GP Kastenwagen

New From Wiking, Communal VW T5 GP Kastenwagen. 

Scale: 1:87 

No. 030907

VW T1 Bus Kastenwagen Sinalco

New from Carson, VW T1 Bus Kastenwagen Sinalco.

Scale: 1:87


VW Bus T1 Samba Lufthansa

New From Carson Modellsport, VW Bus T1 Samba Lufthansa.

Scale: 1:87

No. 1901872

VW T2a Camping Bus mit geöffnetem Dach, grau weiß

New From Schuco, VW T2 Camping Bus Mit geöffnetem Dach, Grau weiß.

Scale: 1:87

No. 452640400

VW T2 Doppelkabine “VW Kundendienst”

New from Wiking, VW T2 Doppelkabine ‘ VW Kundedienst’.

Scale: 1:87

No. 031403

VW T1 (Typ 2) “Fendt Dieselroß”

New From Wiking, VW T1 (Type 2) ” Fendt Dieselroß” 

Scale: 1:87

No. 078863


VW T1 (Type 2) Kastenwagen “Bluna”

New From Wiking, VW T1 (Typ 2) Kastenwagen “Bluna”

Scale: 1:87

No. 078814



VW T1c set (5 st.) Schuco


New From Schuco , VW T1c Set 5 st.  N.o S26463

Scale: 1:87

#VW T3b Joker camper

From Schuco in scale 1:87, The T3b Joker camper.

Set #VW T1

New set from Schuco in scale 1:87, 8 different models.

Volkswagen T1 set 452640800

#Wiking #Vw flower power

New from Wiking, scale 1:87

VW T1 Bus “Flower Power”
Artikel-Nr. 079725

VW T6 Bus Flecktarn

New expected from herpa 1:87, last quarter 2019 :

700719 VW T6 Bus Flecktarn „Bundeswehr / Feldjäger“

VW T6 California

New expected from Herpa, scale 1:87, at the end of 2019 :

038744 VW T6 California starlight blue metallic

#VW T6 Multivan “Fraport Marshalling”

New from Herpa, scale 1:87, the VW T6 (094399) Multivan “Fraport Marshalling”

VW T5 Bus “Bundeswehr”,

New from School scale 1:87, the VW T5 Bus “Bundeswehr”, 1:87 Article number: 452642600

VW T6 Bus Flecktarn “Bundeswehr”

New expected from Herpa scale 1:87, the 700702  VW T6 Bus Flecktarn “Bundeswehr”

094764 VW T6 Bus “Ordnungsamt Düsseldorf”

new expected from Herpa 1:87, in october 2019

094764 VW T6 Bus “Ordnungsamt Düsseldorf”

VW T6 Bus “Polizei Brandenburg”

New expected in october 2019 from Herpa in scale 1:87

094672 VW T6 Bus “Polizei Brandenburg”


VW T3 Bus Interflug

New expected from Herpa in scale 1:87, oktober 2019.

Feuerwehr – VW T1 (Typ 2) Bus

New from Wiking, scale 1:87, the fire engine (Feuerwehr) VW T1 (typ 2) bus. Artikel-Nr. 078812

VW T1 (Typ 2) Kastenwagen Gasolin

New from Wiking, in scale 1:87, the  VW T1 (Typ 2) panel van (kastenwagen) Gasolin Artikel-Nr. 078813

#Volkswagen T1 Bundespost

new from Schuco in scale 1:87, the Volkswagen T1 panel van Bundespost.


VW T6 Bus + trailer “Herpa”

New from Herpa in scale 1:87, the (094290)  VW T6 Bus with trailer  “Herpa” (Anhänger von VK-Modelle)

Piccolo VW T1 “Wicklein” – limited 500 pcs.
You can find the models in the Wicklein Store :
Wicklein – Die Lebküchnerei
Hauptmartk 7
90403 Nürnberg
or direct order at Schuco – Onlineshop www.shop.schuco.de

VW T5 GP Kastenwagen “Claas”

From Wiking scale 1:87, the VW T5 GP Kastenwagen “Claas

VW T5 GP Kastenwagen “Claas”
Artikel-Nr. 030905