M2 Machines

Heading to hobby dealers (USA) next month is M2 Machines Coca-Cola release A14 (52500-A14). This release includes a trio of castings including a Fanta themed 1988 Ford Mustang GT, a Coca-Cola branded 1973 GMC Jimmy and a Mellow Yellow accessorized 1960 Volkswagen Custom Delivery Van. As following the Coca-Cola line’s theme, each casting is also offered in a chase variant recognizable by its color chrome matching trim, bumpers, and wheels and or raw attributes. Be sure to keep any eye out for this and other new M2 Machines release coming next month.


chase version

VW Double cab

New from M@ Machines, 1960 VW Double Cab Truck USA Model, 1:64

1960 VW Double Cab Truck USA Model


T1 + caravan

From Schuco, scale 1:64, the VW T1 with caravan in yellow

Maisto VW T2

From Maisto, 4,5 and 3 inch

VW T1 pickup with Indian Motorcycle

From Greenlight, 1968 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab Pickup Indian Motorcycle Sales & Service with 1920 Indian Scout Motorcycle *Club Vee-Dub Series 13*, red

1968 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab Pickup Indian Motorcycle Sales & Service with 1920 Indian Scout Motorcycle *Club Vee-Dub Series 13*, red

scale 1:64

Volkswagen T2 Armor

The t2 from 1976, by Greenlight in scale 1:64. No.36030B, 1976 Volkswagen Type 2 *Armor All

VW T1 Brumos racing

Expected from Greenlight, round the summer of 2021, the Volkswagen T1 ‘Brumos racing’.

Scale 1:64

Back to start without money


From Johnny Lightning, scale 1:64. The VW T1 Monopoly. 

Year of the Ox

From Greenlight, 1:64, The volkswagen T1 year of the OX

30223 Greenlight

Majorette VW special

Majorette 1 : 64

Deluxe Volkswagen T1 – Model of the Year 2021

Available in july 2021

Volkswagen T2 camper

From Schuco, the T2 camper in babble/white, 1:64,


VW T1 Lowrider

Scale 1:64 becomes more and more popular. This the Schuco 452026800, Volkswagen T1 lowrider Porsche renndienst

Greenlight T2 Doka texaco

From Greenlight scale 1:64, T2 type 2 doka 

1972 VW T2 panel van

From Greenlight, scale 1:64,


1964 Samba Bus

From Greenlight, 1:64,

gl36020A Volkswagen T1 Samba

M2 machines 32600 series

Coming down the pipeline from M2 Machines this month is the next release of the 32600 series – release 55. The collection consist of six castings including a 1987 Ford Mustang, 1960 Volkswagen Delivery Van, 1957 Chevy Bel Air, 1969 Dodge Charger, 1971 Nissan Skyline, and a 1976 GMC Sierra Grande.

Collectors should be on the lookout for the chase piece of the release which is the GMC truck trimmed in Gold Chrome and features a Gold interior and chassis. Be sure to keep an eye out for this and other new releases heading to our retail partners and hobby dealers nationwide in early 2021 – Happy Hunting

M2 machines Coca Cola

released in April 21 in the USA is our latest Coca-Cola licensed release set A08 (52500-A08). The collection consists of three castings; including a 1960 Volkswagen Delivery Van, 1966 Ford Bronco and a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette all wrapped in era correct Coca-Cola branding. For those that like to hunt be sure to keep an eye out for each piece’s fraternal twin which can be found featuring Red Chrome detailing and rims. – Happy Hunting

Schuco T3

VW T3 FEUERWEHR 1:64, from Schuco Article number: 452027900

1960 Delivery Van

1On their way to O’Reilly Auto Parts stores now is the next release of M2 Machines exclusives – Release S95 (32500-S95). The collection comprises of six of M2’s most popular castings including a 1956 Ford F100 Stake bed Truck, 1960 Volkswagen Delivery Van, 1955 Ford Mustang Gasser, 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi Super Stock, 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS454 and a 1973 Chevrolet Custom 10. Each piece has been reskinned and accessorized, offering a new look and feel, and is wrapped inside an individualized matching themed window box. Like O’Reilly’s last releases, this series will be offered with no chases; the six unique pieces make up the complete collection. This series will only be available in O’Reilly’s stores nationwide starting later April 2021.

T1 with caravan

From Schuco, scale 1:64, no. 4007864044405, the VW T1 with caravan

Schuco Volkswagen wit trailer

From Schuco (4007864046980) scale 1:64, the unique Volkswagen with trailer. Also made in 1:43 and 1:18.4007864046980

Twinkie & M2 Machines

Since 1930 the Twinkie has been a staple in American snack foods. The golden sponge cake with the creamy filling from the Hostess bakery has long been a favorite of kids and adults worldwide. M2 Machines has a partnership with Hostess Brands to bring you these sweet little die cast cars with the classic names & characters you grew up with. The release includes 6 castings two chases and there is also a “RAW” super chase car variant as well making the full variations set a nine piece collection. This release is a USA Walmart exclusive in store only collection.

Volkswagen T1 Rockster


  • Body Color: Spectraflame pink
  • Deco: Pearl white front and top
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Wheels: Real Riders exotic wheels w/ off-road tires and red-stripe tampo
  • Base: Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis
  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
  • Interior Color: Black

From Hot wheels, available only for RLC members.

VW double cab from M2 machines

From M2 machines,

1960 VW Double Cab USA Model –  (Mello Yello)    
*The Body is Yellow
*The Middle is Bright White
*The Interior is Caramel
*The Headlights are Clear Yellow
Includes: 1960 VW Microbus Deluxe USA Model –  (Mello Yello)
*The Body is Yellow
*The Top is Bright White
*The Interior is Caramel
*The Headlights are Clear Yellow
A normal edition and a chase model in a limited edition.

1976 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1976 Volkswagen T2 Double Cab Pick-Up with Canopy Volkswagen Road Service *Club Vee-Dub series 10*, white/red
Scale: 1/64
Color: white/red

No. gl29980E

1971 VW T2 Greenlight Happy New Year 2020

New From Greenlight, 1971 Volkswagen T2 Panel *Happy New Year 2020*, blue/ fire work graphics

Scale: 1/64
Color: blue/graphics
No. gl30125


1979 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1979 Volkswagen Type 2 Crew Cab Pick-Up Doka Turtle Wax *Blue Collar Collection Series 7*, white/red/green
Scale: 1/64
Color: white/red/green


1973 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1973 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Campmobile Union 76 *Club Vee-Dub series 10*, orange/white

Scale: 1/64
Color: orange/white

No. gl29980B

3x News from #Greenlight

This might be the finest 1:64 Club Vee-Dub assortment yet from Greenlight! These series 10 are hitting the market in January 2020. This set includes the following vehicles:

29980-A: 1:64 Club Vee-Dub Series 10 – 1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van – VW Technical Support Vehicle

• 29980-B: 1:64 Club Vee-Dub Series 10 – 1973 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Campmobile – Union 76

• 29980-E: 1:64 Club Vee-Dub Series 10 – 1976 Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Double Cab Pick-Up with Canopy – Volkswagen Road Service

The other models in this serie are a Beetle and Golf.


Old Schuco and Rei

In the earlier seventies the German company Schuco made the Volkswagen T2 in serval variations. Later the mould was sold to Brazil and used by the company REI. 

The T2 from REI

and together with the original, the Schuco. Both are 3inch models.