VW Volkswagen T1 Hoogenboom

Earlier you’ve seen the 1:87 edition of the Schuco special. Now the 1:43 version is coming. Exclusively for the Dutch market. Expected in September/October 2022.


MHI VW T1 box van Gama 1:43



no. 450358700


1:43 Schuco

Christmas VW T2

I’ve found the Volkswagen Combi T2a Christmas 2013

An older release from Schuco

Schuco 3336
1/43 – diecast

VW Werbewagen

VW T1 Werbewagen Märklin
From Schuco, scale 1:43

T4 California

VW T4a California, rood
From Schuco
Art. Nr.: S02757
Scale: 1:43


From Atlas editions, scale 1:43, VW T2 KOMBI TRANSPORTE ESCOLAR


Volkswagen T4b

Premium Classixxs, 1:43, VW T4b red, limited edition 500 pcs.
premium classics vw t4

VW Camper Happy Birthday

From Corgi, 1:43,VW Camper Happy Birthday, CC02734

VW T1 with trailer

From Schuco, 1:43, T1 with trailer and skiset

Volkswagen Type 2 1500 SP Devon Caravette.

Volkswagen Type 2 1500 SP Devon Caravette. Pearl White and Velvet Green, From Corgi (Vanguards series) VA14500

VW Type 2 1500 Camper ‘Rat-Look’

VW Type 2 1500 Camper ‘Rat-Look’, Mango Green & Seagull Grey, Corgi 1:43, vanguard series o. VA14501n

Volkswagen Campervan – Peace Love and Music

Corgi , scale 1:43,CC02730, Volkswagen Campervan – Peace Love and Music

VW Camper Happy Anniversary

VW Camper Happy Anniversary, Corgi 1:43, CC02735

Just married! VW T1

Cc02736, Corgi 1:43, Just Married VW t1

Volkswagen Campervan – Peace Love and Wishes

From Corgi , the VW T1 campervan, CC02731 scale 1:43

VW Camper Congratulations

Corgi 1:43,VW Camper Congratulations no. CC02736

Volkswagen freedom and peace

VW T1, Camper van Love peace and freedom, CC02738 from Corgi 1:43

Schuco T2 with scooter

Schuco 4503330, scale 1:43, the VW t2A with a vintage scooter

Schuco special for NL : VW T1 Hoogenboom

no. 02907 Schuco , scale 1:43

schuco 02907

VW T1a „Beardalls of Nottingham“

New from Schuco, VW T1 Beardalls of Nottingham. 

Scale: 1:43

No. 450907800


1967 Volkswagen T1 Station Wagon

New From Greenlight, 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 T1 Station Wagon , red/yellow

N.o gl86554

Scale: 1:43


#Matrix #Volkswagen #Racetransporter

Another new item from Matrix Scalemodels. Expected coming months. Scale 1:43.

Volkswagen T2 Kemperink Speciaal Pick-Up LWB MX42105-042

#VW T2 racetransporter

New expected from Matrix scalemodels, resin handmade model in scale 1:43.

VW T2 Racetransporter white -grey 1976 MX42105-041

#VW T1b Feuerwehr

Another new model from School, scale 1:43, VW T1b Bus „Feuerwehr“



# Volkswagen #Coca cola

New expected from Corgi, scale 1:43 at the end of 2019 (Q4).


Volkswagen Type 2 Camper, Sea Blue and Cumulus White

The Type 2 modelled was originally registered in Arizona, USA, and owned for many years by mechanic and Bonneville record holder Steve Hobbs. After a prolonged period in dry storage it was recommissioned by VW Type 2 specialist Douglas Denlinger, of Transporter Restorations, Arizona, who found it to be amazingly original, very solid and totally undamaged; although it was later resprayed in the USA. It was imported into the UK in 2005 by enthusiast Will McLaughlin who nicknamed it ‘Sandy’ because it was still full of Arizona sand, and fitted the camper interior. Current owner, West Midlands-based Steve Smith, bought it in 2011 and is an active member of the Split Screen Van Club. The history of the VW Type 2 starts with Dutch dealer Ben Pons, the first agent outside of Germany to sell VWs, who in 1947 drew sketch of a Lieferwagen (light delivery van) that he saw a market for in Holland. VW’s engineers worked on the concept and displayed the first vans in 1949. Great attention was given to the aerodynamics because of the engine’s low power and, using the wind tunnel at the technical University in Braunschweig, engineers lowered the original prototype’s drag coefficient of 0.75 to 0.48 by introducing the V-shaped front. Production commenced in 1950 and other variants such as pick-ups, campers and buses were soon available. The ‘split-window’ was produced until 1967, by which time 1,477,330 had been made.

Limited edition from the Corgi Vanguards serie in scale 1:43. Only 1,500 made worldwide.

Karmann Gipsy VW Transporter T3 (1988)

Scale 1:43, distributed by Hachette,made by, I presume Ixo. From the camper collection, no. 58 – Karmann Gipsy based on the  VW Transporter T3 (1988) 

#VW T1 Samba

New item from Cararama , scale 1:43, the T1 Samba Bon BiniCararamaCara


From Ixo models in scale 1:43, the (CLC302) VOLKSWAGEN T2 KOMBI 1975

CLC302 VOLKSWAGEN T2 KOMBI 1975 with surfboard and Dutch licence plate

#Schuco #VW T1

New from Schuco in scale 1:43

VW T1a „Schwäbisch Hall“, 1:43
Article number: 45090230