Welly diecast 22472

Scale 1:24, from Welly Diecast no. 22472 in some variations.
22472 welly diecastvery cool models for friendly prices.

Welly Diecast 22095

From Welly, the Volkswagen VW T1 no. 22095 in a few variations. Scale 1:24

welly 22095

Motormax Volkswagen T1

From Motormax, scale 1:24 no.79676, with trailer

Volkswagen T1 Gulf

From Motormax, available in a shop display with 4 models. The 74649 in Gulf edition. 


VW Gulf

FromMotormax-79610-vw-gulf-with-trailer  Motormax, scale 1:24, no. 79610


Jada VW Sesam street

Jada 31751, VW t1 Sesam street, scale 1:24

Dr.Oetker, plastic kit from Revell

07677, Revell scale 1:24, The T1 Dr. Oetker

Easy click Plastic kit

From Revell, no. 67667, easy click plastic kit. Scale 1:24

Volkswagen Samba

Revell, 07399 The Volkswagen T1 , plastic kit 1:24

Revell plastic kit Volkswagen T2

Revell, no. 07667, Plastic kit scale 1:24

1960 VW Delivery Van – SPAM

Making its way into the hands of hobby dealers and onto the shelves of our retail partners locations nationwide is our latest 1960 Volkswagen Delivery Van (40300-82B).  Skinned in Blue with a Yellow top this classic Spam themed VW sits on a new lowered Chassis and rolls on Chrome 5-spoke wheels and black wall tires. While out on the hunt, be sure to keep an eye out for the Gold trimmed and accented chase pieces of the Release. Be sure to look for this new release and others everywhere M2 Machines are sold.
Included in the 1:24 scale Release 82B – is the following casting:
1960 VW Delivery Van – SPAM
Chase Car: 1960 VW Delivery Van

Revell 1:24, VWT1 The Who

From Revell, plastic kit, no. 05672. The T1 ‘The Who’

Revell 1:24 T1 Camper

Scale 1:24, the Camper from Revell 07674

From Jada scale 1:24


VW T1 Revell 1:24

Plastic kit from revell, scale 1:24 no.07675

Old Tinplate #T1

Today Volkswagenbussen.nl shows you a rare item. The Tippco tin plate T1 pickup with Coca cola bottles.

The model is a scale ± 1:24. Seen at a swap meet. And offered for a lot of money.

#VW Coca Cola

Classic Volkswagens and Coca Cola are a beloved subject for scalemodels.

50300-RW05 1960 VW Delivery Van
Like peanut butter, jelly and white bread – sometimes simplicity brings perfection. There is not much that can overcome combining the three elements of Volkswagen, Coca–Cola and M2 Machines together. This 1:24th Coke Red and White reskinned 1960 Volkswagen Deliver Van delivers a clean simplistic look with its black bumpers and wheels caps. Like any M2 Machines the finer details like wiper blades, mirrors, light bezel trim, blinkers and door handles are all in place and defined with perfection that no other brand in the market can match at the price points M2 offers. For those that like the hard to find chase versions of a release be sure to keep your eyes peeled of the Red Chrome trim, bumpers, wheels and caps version of the release. This piece will begin shipping to Walmart in Canada and hobby dealers throughout the USA in early September.
50300-RW05 1960 VW Delivery Van Chase

#VW T1 Samba

New from maisto, scale 1:24, the Volkswagen T1 samba in the color green/creme. 

31956G Maisto VW T1 samba green creme

Beatiful #VW T1 from #M2 Machines

 This gorgeous 1960 Volkswagen Delivery van dressed in Dove Blue rolls on a stock chassis, stock wheels with gray caps and is fitted with standard European bumpers.  Be sure to keep an eye out for her Gold trimmed fraternal twin chase piece as both will be making their way into the hands of the M2 machines hobby dealers and on the shelves of their retail partners in May.

scale 1:24, from M2 machines
and the chase model, only 500 made

#VW #Volkswagen T1 Jada 1/24

1962 Volkswagen Bus T1 *20th anniversary series*, chrome/red

Expected from Jada toys in the spring, the 1962 T1 20th anniversary car. Scale 1/24.

#VW t1 Mooneyes limited edition

Mooneyes loves to deliver their parts in style, so what better way to do that then in their own full-scale Mooned-out delivery van. The 1960 Volkswagen Delivery Van you are about to see is based off a real full-scale piece the Mooneyes brand owns. This van is rolling on a lowered Chassis, Team 3 5-spoke wheels and features low profile tires; replicating it 1:1 scale twin to near perfection. Keep your eyes peeled for her chase version rolling on blacked out rims and lower trim and yellow tinted glass.

Included in the 1:24 scale Release MOON 02 – is the following casting:

1960 VW Delivery Van
*The Top is Light Gray
*The Bottom is Light Blue
*The Interior is Gray

Chase Car:1960 VW Delivery Van
*The Top is Light Gray
*The Bottom is Light Blue
*The Interior is Gray

Since this is a Chase Car all the Trim, Bumpers & Rims are now Black Chrome
*Windows are Clear Yellow
*The Interior is Yellow

#Maisto radio controlled 9RC) models #VW T1

81044R 1op10 VW T1 samba maisto
81044R 1:10 VW T1 samba maisto

81144B 1op24 VW T1 samba maisto
81144B 1:24 VW T1 samba Maisto

81144Z 1op24 VW T1 samba maisto
81144Z 1:24 VW T1 samba Maisto

81681 1op24 VW T1 samba maisto
81681 1:24 VW T1 samba maisto

81681GW 1op24 VW T1 samba maisto
81681GW 1:24 VW T1 samba Maisto

#Walmart specials van M2 machines

Van m2 Machines , specials in de winkels van Walmart in Amerika. Schaal 1 op 24.

Three specials made for Walmart by M2 machines. With difficult ‘hard to find’ models, the chase and super chase models. Scale 1/24

Volkswagen T1 Airfield runway

Nieuw verwacht van Motormax, de Volkswagen T1 airfield Runway. De schaal is 1:24. Art.nr. 79572

79572 motormax Volkswagen t1 airport runway

New expected in december 2018, de Motormax Volkswagen T1 airfield runway. Art.no. 79572

pre-order at www.miniatuurautowinkel.nl 

#VW #Volkswagen panel van Flower power

Nieuw verwacht van Motormax in schaal 1 op 24. De VW T1 panel van in flowerpower uitvoering. art.no. 79575

79575 motormax volkswagen T1 flowerpower

New expected from Motormax in scale 1:24. The Volkswagen T1 flower power. Available in december 2018.

pre-order at www.miniatuurautowinkel.nl

#VW #Volkswagen T1 kundendienst

Nieuw verwacht van Morormax, de Volkswagen T1 “kundendienst”. In schaal 1 op 24. Verwacht in december 2018.

79573 Motormax Volkswagen T1 Kundendienst

New expected from Motormax in scale 1;24, the Volkswagen T1 panel van “Kundendienst”. Available in december 2018.

Pre-order at www.miniatuurautowinkel.nl

#VW #Volkswagen T1 #Polizei

Nieuw verwacht bij Motormax in schaal 1 op24, de Volkswagen T1 in Polizei uitvoering.

79574 Motormax Volkswagen T1 polizei
79574 Motormax Volkswagen T1 polizei

New expected from Motormax, the Volkswagen t1 Polizei (German Police) in scale 1:24.

Preorder at www.miniatuurautowinkel.nl

#M2 machines #VW T1 #Microbus

Hot nieuws van M2 machines1959 VW Microbus Deluxe U.S.A. Model  – Gloss Black Top & Gray Metallic Bottom en een limited edition 500 stuks van de Chase Car: 1959 VW Microbus Deluxe U.S.A. Model  – Gloss Black Top & Gray Metallic Bottom


Volkswagen T1 pickup

Volkswagen type 2 , T1 pickup, red


Volkswagen T1 Dutch tulips

Volkswagen T1
Dutch tulips souvenir model

€ 15,00