VW T3 syncrospector 1987

New announced from KK scale in 1:18, the urban VW Volkswagen T3 synchro edition. In 4 different colors available, Hell blue metallic, Matt olive green, White and yellow.


1:18 VW T1 pickup orange/white

VW T1 pickup orange/white

VW T3a bus red/white 1:18

From Schuco 1:18,

VW T3a bus red/white 1:18

  • Article number: 450038100

VW T1 Continental Motors 1:18

scale 1:18 from Schuco, the VW T1 Continental Motors 1:18
resin model in a limited edition

VW T2a Campingbus

New From Schuco, VW T2 Campingbus, Hellblau/weiss 0.

Scale: 1:18



VW T1a “Midlands Centre” mit Brezelkäfer Karosserie,

New From Schuco, VW T1 Midlands Centre, mid Brezelkäfer Karosserie.

 Scale: 1:18

No. 450016300


VW T1b Gulf Schuco

New from Schuco, VW T1b Gulf.      N.o S00368 , 

Scale: 1:18 

VW T1b Pritsche VW Pritschen-Wagen

New from Schuco, VW T1b Pritsche VW Pritschen-Wagen, no. S372, scale 1/:18


Amazing #Volkswagen from #Schuco

Under the motto „Race on Sunday – Sell on Monday“, numerous so-called „Club Races“ took place in the USA in the 1950s and enjoyed great popularity among those actively involved as well as spectators. In these races, motor-sport-enthused private drivers were able to probe their driving skills and simultaneously push their mainly production-line sports cars to the limit, legally.

VW T1b Renntransporter “Continental Motors”, red, 1:18

The corresponding vehicle dealers also put on suitable transport vehicles in support of their customers‘ vehicles at race tracks like Laguna Seca, Eagle Mountain or Elkhart Lake. For example, Volkswagen and Porsche dealer „Continental Motors“ of Fort Lauderdale in Florida operated an elegant and remarkable vehicle-trailer combination, consisting of an original VW T1 tractor unit and the associated trailer.

VW T1b Renntransporter “Continental Motors”, red, 1:18

Thus vehicles such as the Porsche 550 Spyder or the Porsche 718 Spyder were able to be transported. Schuco is going to produce in a limited edition of 500 pieces a miniature model of this legendary VW T1 racing transporter to a scale of 1:18 in the PRO R line. This line, consisting of resin as the material, stands for exceptional and highly filigree small series models. By means of this highgrade model material, it is possible to produce very rare and exotic exemplary vehicles in perfect quality and also in low and exclusive production runs.

VW T1b Renntransporter “Continental Motors”, red, 1:18

VW T1b Renntransporter “Continental Motors”, red, 1:18
Article number: 450905900


New from Schuco, this time in scale 1:18, VW T1a “Schwäbisch Hall”
Article number: 450016200. Couple of months ago the 1:43 edition was released. Now the big scale.

Little miss Sunshine

New from Greeenlight, #19051 1:18 Artisan Collection – Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – 1978 Volkswagen Type 2 (T2B) Bus

#Volkswagen T3 B32

Under the guise of a Volkswagen Transporter is hidden an official Porsche model. It was first and foremost thanks to the Dakar that this steroid-fuelled Combi was born. Porsche wanted to win the race but needed assistance vehicles.

They set their sights on the T3 Synchro present in the Volkswagen range. It was fitted with a new box, new brakes, a Flat-6 Porsche engine with 230 horsepower and was named the B32.

Two copies were produced for the competition. Porsche decided to go one step further by producing a very limited civilian version (no more than 9 units) between 1984 and 1985. The rumor has it that they were more expensive than a 911.







Made by Ottomobile in scale 1:18 and available in july 2019.(No. OST327) Limited to 1,500 pcs.



#VW Multivan 1990

New expected in the 3rd quarter 2019, from Norev in scale 1:18, the Volkswagen Multivan 1990 in brons metallic.

Norev 188543 • Volkswagen Multivan brons metallic

#Volkswagen T3

From Norev (Fr) , diecast model from the Volkswagen T3 in scale 1:18. All limited editions. Ask you dealer now before it is sold out.

Volkswagen T3 Bus “Bluestar” 1990 Blauw 1-18 Norev Limited 1200 Pieces
Volkswagen T3 Bus “Whitestar” 1990 Wit 1-18 Norev Limited 1000 Pieces
Volkswagen T3 Bus Red Star 1992 Rood 1-18 Norev Limited 800 Pieces


New from KK scale, the Volkswagen T4

Scale 1:18, resine models from KK scale

#Porsche B32 or Vw T3

Nieuw verwacht van KK scale in schaal 1 op 18. De Volkswagen T3 in Porsche uitvoering : B32.
Deze bus is ontwikkelt als team auto voor de Paris dakar races waar Porsche met de 959 aan meedeed. De B32 is nooit in serieproductie gegaan omdat deze met een Porsche Carrera blok gewoonweg te duur werd.

180222 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 light blue metallic
180222 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 light blue metallic

180221 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 grey metallic
180221 KK scale Porsche B32 VW T3 1984 grey metallic

New expected from KK scale in scale 1 : 18. The Volkswagen T3 in Porsche edition : B32.
This Van was developed as part of the Paris dakar raceteam where Porsche participated with the 959. The B32 is never made as a production car because, with its Porsche Carrera engine, the B32 was too expensive.

Volkswagen T1 Messerschmitt

Nieuw van Schuco, in schaal 1 op 18, de VW T1b Kastenwagen in de kleur Messerschmitt blau (450028900) nu verkrijgbaar • now available from Schuco

VOLKSWAGEN T6 Multivan Edition 30

New expected from NZG modelle (9542/10), the Volkswagen T6 Multivan edition 30.

will be released in 2018.

De #VW T4 in schaal 1 op 18 van #Schuco

Verwacht van Schuco in schaal 1 op 18, metaal, de VW T4b Caravelle, silber (450041500) en de

VW T4b Westfalia Camper, rotrood (450042000)

#VW T3 #westfalia #camper

Van Schuco, de VW T3a Westfalia Joker mit Faltdach, blauw in schaal 1 op 18,  metal (Nr. 450038700)

Volkswagen T1 Samba

Nieuw van Schuco, de Samba T1 in het zwart

Schuco 450028700 schaal 1 op 18.

#VW T6 Multivan Highline

Verwacht bij NZG, de Multivan Highline in het zilver, schaal 1 op 18. • Expected from NZG modelle, the Multivan Highline in silver scale 1:18.

#VW #multivan edition 30

Verwacht van NZG modelle in schaal 1 op 18, de Multivan edition 30 • expected from NZG modelle, the Multivan edition 30 in scale 1:18.

#VW T6 Multivan Highline

NZG modelle, de T6 multivan highline in schaal 1 op 18. • From NZG, the Multivan Higline scale 1:18.

VW T6 multivan 70jahre bulli

van NZG, de 70 jaar editie van de Volkswagen transporter, schaal 1op 18. • From NZG, the 70 years edition from the Volkswagen transporter in scale 1:18.

VOLKSWAGEN T6 Multivan Generation Six

Rood witte uitvoering van de zesde generatie Volkswagen transporter, in schaal 1 op 18 van NZG. • Red white version of the 6th generation transporter from NZG.

Vw T1 samba wintersport

Nieuw verwacht van Schuco (450037600) vw T1 , schaal 1 op 18 in metal, de samba wintersport • new expected in 2018.