New from Rietze 2022

New pronounced from Rietze in scale 1/87.
The Volkswagen T6 in a few new variations.

53768 Volkswagen T6 Justiz  
  53773 Volkswagen T6 Betriebsfeuerwehr ÖBB (AT)  
53777 Volkswagen T6 FW Bad Soden    
53802 Volkswagen T6 Gendarmerie (FR)    
  53834 Volkswagen T6.1 FW Itzehoe
53847 Volkswagen T6.1 Bundesamt f. Bevölkerungsschutz u. Katastrophenhilfe 
53762 Volkswagen T6 FW Unna
53133 Volkswagen Crafter Die Johanniter Göttingen


Rietze VW

New from Rietze, scale 1/87, Gendarmerie

More from Rietze

Few days back you’ve met the Rietze T6 models, this is part 2:

All scale 1:87

Rietze 1:87

Rietze Volkswagen T6

All 1:87, from Rietze 2021

VW T6 Politie Antwerpen

VW T6 Politie Antwerpen (B)
Art. nr.: R53709
Scale: 1:87

Rietze-Volkswagen T6 Bus

11661-rietze-Volkswagen T6 Bus KR reflexsilber/starlight blue, 1:87


Volkswagen T6 Bus

Rietze, 1:87,Volkswagen T6 Bus KR reflexsilber/indiumgrau



News from Rietze scale 1:87

News from Rietze (Germany) for August 2020.