Sleep well in the #VW T1 bed for sale

We’ve published this message in 2019 and now, 3 years later this unique bed is for sale.

Your children will sleep very well in the Volkswagen T1 bed. This one is made by Dutch carpenter Sander Beerens.

It’s a big scale model. Kids will love it!

#Bulli flower power eierdop • easter egg

In the (Dutch) shop from

#VW T1

Volkswagen T1 made from Polystone, there are hundreds of these gadgets.

Spaarpot • moneybox

vw volkswagen moneybox

Found on the internet,the Volkswagen Van moneybox ceramic • spaarpot in de uitvoering van een VW bus in keramiek • Der Bulli Geldkasten Keramik.

vw volkswagen money box spaarpot geldkasten

May I have the sugar please?

VW Volkswagen sugar bowl

A nice ceramic sugar bowl, found on internet.