Kommunal – VW T5 GP Kastenwagen

New From Wiking, Communal VW T5 GP Kastenwagen. 

Scale: 1:87 

No. 030907

VW T1 Bus Kastenwagen Sinalco

New from Carson, VW T1 Bus Kastenwagen Sinalco.

Scale: 1:87


VW Bus T1 Samba Lufthansa

New From Carson Modellsport, VW Bus T1 Samba Lufthansa.

Scale: 1:87

No. 1901872

VW T2a Camping Bus mit geöffnetem Dach, grau weiß

New From Schuco, VW T2 Camping Bus Mit geöffnetem Dach, Grau weiß.

Scale: 1:87

No. 452640400

VW T2 Doppelkabine “VW Kundendienst”

New from Wiking, VW T2 Doppelkabine ‘ VW Kundedienst’.

Scale: 1:87

No. 031403

VW T1a „Beardalls of Nottingham“

New from Schuco, VW T1 Beardalls of Nottingham. 

Scale: 1:43

No. 450907800


VW T2a Campingbus

New From Schuco, VW T2 Campingbus, Hellblau/weiss 0.

Scale: 1:18



Marino Yellow White VW Camper

New From Oxford, Marino Yellow White VW T2 Camper. 

Scale: 1:148

VW T1 (Typ 2) “Fendt Dieselroß”

New From Wiking, VW T1 (Type 2) ” Fendt Dieselroß” 

Scale: 1:87

No. 078863


Birch Green White VW Minibus

New From Oxford, Birch Green White VW T2 Minibus. 

Scale: 1:148 

VW T1a “Midlands Centre” mit Brezelkäfer Karosserie,

New From Schuco, VW T1 Midlands Centre, mid Brezelkäfer Karosserie.

 Scale: 1:18

No. 450016300


1976 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1976 Volkswagen T2 Double Cab Pick-Up with Canopy Volkswagen Road Service *Club Vee-Dub series 10*, white/red
Scale: 1/64
Color: white/red

No. gl29980E

1971 VW T2 Greenlight Happy New Year 2020

New From Greenlight, 1971 Volkswagen T2 Panel *Happy New Year 2020*, blue/ fire work graphics

Scale: 1/64
Color: blue/graphics
No. gl30125


VW T1 (Type 2) Kastenwagen “Bluna”

New From Wiking, VW T1 (Typ 2) Kastenwagen “Bluna”

Scale: 1:87

No. 078814



1979 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1979 Volkswagen Type 2 Crew Cab Pick-Up Doka Turtle Wax *Blue Collar Collection Series 7*, white/red/green
Scale: 1/64
Color: white/red/green


1973 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1973 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Campmobile Union 76 *Club Vee-Dub series 10*, orange/white

Scale: 1/64
Color: orange/white

No. gl29980B

Wood master VW T1

Felix Kroiß is a “Kettensägenschnitzer” and is making incredible pieces of art from wood. Visit his website for more inspiration.

1967 Volkswagen T1 Station Wagon

New From Greenlight, 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 T1 Station Wagon , red/yellow

N.o gl86554

Scale: 1:43


VW T1b Gulf Schuco

New from Schuco, VW T1b Gulf.      N.o S00368 , 

Scale: 1:18 

VW T1c set (5 st.) Schuco


New From Schuco , VW T1c Set 5 st.  N.o S26463

Scale: 1:87

VW T1b Pritsche VW Pritschen-Wagen

New from Schuco, VW T1b Pritsche VW Pritschen-Wagen, no. S372, scale 1/:18


#Matrix #Volkswagen #Racetransporter

Another new item from Matrix Scalemodels. Expected coming months. Scale 1:43.

Volkswagen T2 Kemperink Speciaal Pick-Up LWB MX42105-042

#VW T2 racetransporter

New expected from Matrix scalemodels, resin handmade model in scale 1:43.

VW T2 Racetransporter white -grey 1976 MX42105-041

3x News from #Greenlight

This might be the finest 1:64 Club Vee-Dub assortment yet from Greenlight! These series 10 are hitting the market in January 2020. This set includes the following vehicles:

29980-A: 1:64 Club Vee-Dub Series 10 – 1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van – VW Technical Support Vehicle

• 29980-B: 1:64 Club Vee-Dub Series 10 – 1973 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Campmobile – Union 76

• 29980-E: 1:64 Club Vee-Dub Series 10 – 1976 Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Double Cab Pick-Up with Canopy – Volkswagen Road Service

The other models in this serie are a Beetle and Golf.


Old Tinplate #T1

Today Volkswagenbussen.nl shows you a rare item. The Tippco tin plate T1 pickup with Coca cola bottles.

The model is a scale ± 1:24. Seen at a swap meet. And offered for a lot of money.

Old Schuco and Rei

In the earlier seventies the German company Schuco made the Volkswagen T2 in serval variations. Later the mould was sold to Brazil and used by the company REI. 

The T2 from REI

and together with the original, the Schuco. Both are 3inch models.

Again green light

Do you have them all together…. again from Greenlight. 1:64. #30126 1:64 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van – Mardi Gras 2020

From Greenlight, scale 1:64

#30125 1-64 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van – New Year 2020

T1 for the slottrack from #Scalextric

Scalextric C3938
The Volkswagen Panel T1B “Jägermeister” for the slottrack, made by Scalextric in scale 1:32

Scalextric C3938
Volkswagen Panel T1B “Jägermeister”
Slot Car / Schaal 1:32
Scalextric C3938
Volkswagen Panel T1B “Jägermeister”
Slot Car / Masstab 1:32
Scalextric C3938
Volkswagen Panel T1B “Jägermeister”
Slot Car / scale 1:32

Greenlight T2 panel van

Check out the deco sample image for GreenLight Collectibles Item #30081 1:64 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van – Chinese Zodiac 2020 Year of the Rat (Hobby Exclusive)! This is the fourth year in a row we’re producing a Chinese New Year VW Bus. Hitting the market in December 2019/January 2020