Volkswagen T1C from Greenlight

1967 Volkswagen Type 2 T1 Station Wagon *Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1982*, red/yellow no. GL86554

Volkswagen panel van

From Greenlight scale 1:64, release of januar 2020

Volkswagen T1 set

Set VW T1c “MHI”, 1:87 especially for MHI dealers

  • Article number: 452646300

Volkswagen Gulf T1

VW T1b box van “Gulf”, 1:18

  • Article number: 450036800, especially made fro MHI dealers.

Rietze VW T5 Notarzt

Rietze 1:87, 53403 The Volkswagen T5 Notarzt Karlsruhe

VW T5 christmas van

VW T5 Transporter Zettelbus “Weihnachten”

Nr. 133800439 from Siku 1:55


Volkswagen T5 panel van community services


Kommunal – VW T5 GP Kastenwagen

Artikel-Nr. 030907 Wiking

VW T2 double cab


Kommunal – VW T2 Doppelkabine by Wiking

Artikel-Nr. 031402

VW Delivery van from M2 machines

Included in the 1:24 scale Release 76B – is the following casting:
1960 VW Delivery Van
*The Body is Yukon Yellow
*The Body is Dove Blue
*The Interior is Gray
*The Bumpers are White
Chase Car: 1960 VW Delivery Van
*The Body is Yukon Yellow
*The Body is Dove Blue
*The Interior is Gold
*The Bumpers & Rims are Gold Chrome
*Since this is a Chase Car all the Trim, Bumpers & Rims are now Gold Chrome

VW T1 Kundendienst

Made by School scale 1:87, the Volkswagen T1 panel van “vw kundendienst”.

  • no. 452644600


Volkswagen T1 ADAC

From Brekina scale 1″87, the Volkswagen T1 ADAC ‘abschleppwagen’ 


Volkswagen T1 double cab

By M2 machines, 1:64 scale, the VW double cab 32500-56

VW T1 by Carson

Volkswagen service

VW T1 double cab pick-up “VW Service”, piccolo series from Schuco scale 1/90

  • Article number: 450557400

T5 Models from Rietze

scale 1/87, plastic. From Rietze Germany


VW T1B Gama

Exclusively made for MHI retailershops, by Schuco the Volkswagen T1B ‘Gama’ . 

Scale 1/43

Kommunal – VW T5 GP Kastenwagen

New From Wiking, Communal VW T5 GP Kastenwagen. 

Scale: 1:87 

No. 030907

VW T1 Bus Kastenwagen Sinalco

New from Carson, VW T1 Bus Kastenwagen Sinalco.

Scale: 1:87


VW Bus T1 Samba Lufthansa

New From Carson Modellsport, VW Bus T1 Samba Lufthansa.

Scale: 1:87

No. 1901872

VW T2a Camping Bus mit geöffnetem Dach, grau weiß

New From Schuco, VW T2 Camping Bus Mit geöffnetem Dach, Grau weiß.

Scale: 1:87

No. 452640400

VW T2 Doppelkabine “VW Kundendienst”

New from Wiking, VW T2 Doppelkabine ‘ VW Kundedienst’.

Scale: 1:87

No. 031403

VW T1a „Beardalls of Nottingham“

New from Schuco, VW T1 Beardalls of Nottingham. 

Scale: 1:43

No. 450907800


VW T2a Campingbus

New From Schuco, VW T2 Campingbus, Hellblau/weiss 0.

Scale: 1:18



Marino Yellow White VW Camper

New From Oxford, Marino Yellow White VW T2 Camper. 

Scale: 1:148

VW T1 (Typ 2) “Fendt Dieselroß”

New From Wiking, VW T1 (Type 2) ” Fendt Dieselroß” 

Scale: 1:87

No. 078863


Birch Green White VW Minibus

New From Oxford, Birch Green White VW T2 Minibus. 

Scale: 1:148 

VW T1a “Midlands Centre” mit Brezelkäfer Karosserie,

New From Schuco, VW T1 Midlands Centre, mid Brezelkäfer Karosserie.

 Scale: 1:18

No. 450016300


1976 VW T2 Greenlight

New From Greenlight, 1976 Volkswagen T2 Double Cab Pick-Up with Canopy Volkswagen Road Service *Club Vee-Dub series 10*, white/red
Scale: 1/64
Color: white/red

No. gl29980E

1971 VW T2 Greenlight Happy New Year 2020

New From Greenlight, 1971 Volkswagen T2 Panel *Happy New Year 2020*, blue/ fire work graphics

Scale: 1/64
Color: blue/graphics
No. gl30125


VW T1 (Type 2) Kastenwagen “Bluna”

New From Wiking, VW T1 (Typ 2) Kastenwagen “Bluna”

Scale: 1:87

No. 078814